Jimmy McNeal


Jul 25, 2014

Jesus is Better (Live)

It's rare that I find my self in tears after watching a YouTube video. Seriously, most of the time it's because I'm laughing so hard I just can't control myself, but recently that has not been the case.

We released another video yesterday from our Adopted Album CD release Party that has not only taken me back there, but has brought me to tears as I've watched and listened.  I can't help but worship God as I continue to declare and beg Him to make my heart believe that Jesus truly is better. With that said I just wanted to share the video with you today. I knew that God was doing something amazing that night, and I'm blown away that it actually translated through film. I'm praying that as you listen you will be moved to worship just as I have.


Also, here's "My King Forever" that we posted last week.

Nothin' but love,





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