Jimmy McNeal


May 14, 2014

A Week to Remember

Today I'm reminded of God's faithfulness as I sit and reflect on the last week of my life. Oh what a week it has been!

Although there were many obstacles that seem to always find a way on the beaten path, it happened. It really happened! My first solo album "Adopted" became available 05/06/14. The day I had dreamed about and prayed for actually came and not only that, it came with much surprise and unexpected acclamation.

If I'm honest, I didn't expect this album to do much at all, but I knew I should pray for big things and believe that it was possible for those things to really happen. So I prayed. Among many other prayers, I prayed that God would use this album to point people to himself and that He would get glory from both Christians and non- Christians alike as they hear the gospel in these songs. I asked and continue to ask God to do with this record whatever He pleased and He has used this album to increase my own faith and trust in Him as a "prayer answering God". Not only did it make it to the top 5 on iTunes (Christian/Gospel) charts, sit next to Justin Timberlake on the top 200 albums charts (via a hilarious text from my drummer), break through on the billboard gospel charts, and bring about a small glimpse of heaven at the CD Release Party, but I've gotten emails, texts, facebook, and twitter messages from a number of people sharing how the album has touched them and pointed them to Jesus. I've even had friends who aren't Christians purchase the album because they know me and want to support what I'm doing. And with that, God is using me and my bandmates to share the gospel over and over again as they listen to theses songs.

I won't lie, being on charts such as Billboard and iTunes has been a dream of mine since seeing movies like "Great Balls of Fire", "The Jacksons - An American Dream", "The Five Heartbeats", "The Temptations", "Ray" and many others portraying the story of no name artist making it "Big". I would sit and watch these movies and dream of the day that my name would be in lights and climb the billboard charts! Although I am humbled by the incredibly cool things that have happened, I'm even more astonished and in awe at the fact that God has used this dream of an album to minister to many. This makes me more excited than anything else and even brings tears to my eyes as I write this reflection.

To see the messages and hear the stories of families and lives being impacted by this "Adopted" album amazes me. It makes me want to pray for more things, it makes me want to pray for even bigger things, and it moves me to worship. I'm humbled that God would allow this kid with a dream to be used to bring people into His presence and hear the good news of the Gospel preached through song. I ask that you would pray with me that God would continue to use this Adopted album to minister to many as people purchase it on iTunes and Amazon. Feel free to share these links with others and continue to spread the word: iTunes / Amazon


Nothin' but love,



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