Jimmy McNeal


Feb 10, 2014

A Kids Dream

A young and hopeful elementary kids dream came true today. He found himself in a studio recording his first solo project.

After all the years of dreaming, writing, praying, and waiting, I can humbly say it's finally happening. As a kid, I would sit in class and dream about the day I could share my own music with people. Many songs were written about girls, love, family, God, dreams, dancing, work, break-ups, and anything else major that happened in my life. Heck, I even ventured outside my R&B box and wrote a few country songs while I was at it. I'm serious....Don't laugh, and don't hate...it's true. What's even crazier is where God has brought me since I first began to dream about a musical career.

I'm no longer that kid who wanted to be the next Sam Cooke or Al Green. Well, maybe I still am. Either way I'm still humbled by the dream God has allowed me to live out. I love music, I love my job, and I love that I get to lead people in worship on a weekly basis. Although as a kid I never dreamed of being a Worship Pastor nor thought in a million years that I'd be recording a "Contemporary Christian" album. I am, and I'm loving every minute of it.

Prayers that I've been praying for years are being answered, and tonight I write this blog with much excitement. I'm like a giddy little kid right now. And to be honest it's pretty awesome to see that little elementary kid's dream come true.

There will be more info to come, but I'll be posting frequent updates of this process via twitter (@jimmymcsings) / instagram / facebook (band, personal) if you want to stay in the loop. 

God's timing is always perfect!

Nothin' but love,



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