Jimmy McNeal


Oct 07, 2013

Austin Stone Worship Conference

I wanted to send out this quick last chance invite to you guys about our Worship Conference this fall.

Come and join us October 22-24th in Austin, TX as we explore what it truly means to lead worship. The Austin Stone Worship Conference is 3 days of trans-formative teaching from some of the nation's top authorities on biblical worship and worship leading. This conference is designed for your entire team to experience. Pastors, worship leaders, production teams, volunteers, and creatives will gain practical, take home knowledge of how to lead people to worship Jesus better, and more importantly - how to worship Jesus better themselves!

We would love to worship with you and your leadership team! Spots are limited and with the conference being a few day away, are filling up quickly. So please visit Austin Stone Worship to gurantee your spots today!

Teachers/Worship Leaders Inlude:

Aaron Ivey, Matt Carter, Charlie Hall, Tony Merida, Robbie Seay, Michael Bleecker, Jourdan Johnson, Jimmy McNeal, Bobby Gilles, Jesse Reeves, Todd Agnew, Kevin Peck, Justin Cofield, Jon Shirley, Mike Cosper, Matt Papa, Donna Stuart, Chris Collins, Matt Boswell, Logan Walter, Steven Bush, Jeremy Rodgers, Stephen Miller, Kyle Lent, Philip Ellis, Jimmie Ingram, Emily Ward, Brett Land, Daniel Darnell, Issac Wimberly, Todd Hartmann and more!

You can also take a look at some of these videos of Aaron Ivey and Matt Carter discussing the details of the conference to learn more:

How to lead and worship Jesus better

Teachers and Pastors

What is Unconference

Find more videos here

Hope to see you there!

Nothin' but love,



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