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Jun 13, 2013

I'm Engaged!

I'm engaged!

Yup, the rumors that I started are true. "Jimmy McNeal "popped the question" and she said yes!"

It's been a long time coming. I've had many a-friends who've wanted to set me up, tell me about some girl they thought I would be perfect for, or just throw some random girl in my line of site to see if any sparks would fly. I wasn't the type to date around, nor was I looking for a relationship. I can honestly say that for the last 3-5 years I've been content with my singleness. Actually, I was under the impression that I would be single for a least the next 5 years. And to be honest, I was ok with that. For the time, God had me single for a reason and I wanted to "enjoy my singleness". By that, I don't mean date around, or just be a bum, but use my singleness as a catalyzer to worship God in a way that was uniquely different from someone who wasn't single. I'm thankful that God gave me many opportunities to use my singleness to glorify Him through missions, giving of my time, efforts, finances, volunteer work, as well as deepening many friendships along the way. Don't get me wrong, I still believe that these things will take place within dating, engagement, and well into marriage. Truth is, it's just going to a little bit different now that I'm so head over heals for this beautiful girl named Staci!

As many of you saw from the Facebook photos or heard from my pastor this past Sunday at church, all went as planned and I am now an engaged man. I have a "soon to be"! She is a true blessing to my life. From just a friend to close friend turned girlfriend to best friend and now fiance', Staci has increased my faith to believe that God really does hear our prayers, even the little ones. I can't tell you how many times I've prayed for Staci not knowing that she was the one I had been praying for for all these years. It started back in Jr. High when I realized that I could actually pray for my future wife and that it wasn't a bad thing to pray for a Godly spouse, even at the ripe old age of 13. So I did. From BIG to small prayers, I prayed about all the things I wanted to find in a wife. I won't lie, most of them were selfish things, but I was told that I should just pray specifics and not beat around the bush. I mean, this is my wife I"m praying for here! It's been humbling to think back and remind myself of those prayers while Staci and I have been dating. I'm humbled to say that most, not all, but most of those prayers were actually answered. From something as small as her having long eye lashes (yup I admit it, I prayed for that, I'm not sure why but I'm glad I did) to something as important as her having a firm foundation in her faith. Heck, I even remember praying several times that we would be friends before dating, and by God's grace we were.

I can honestly say that Staci is a true and rare gift from God that I do not deserve. I am a very blessed man to have the privilege of marrying such a Godly woman. God has done abundantly more than I could ever ask or think in regards to the woman I would marry. I must say, I love the way God has blessed me these last few years with such a dear friend, who will soon be my bride, who will soon be my wife! I look forward to enjoying the joys of marriage as I did the joys of singleness. I'm excited to not just see where I"m headed, but even more excited to see where we, Staci and I, are headed as one. I'm thankful that God, in His infinite wisdom, would move my heart to choose Staci as my bride to be.

Thank You Jesus!

So get ready my friends, there will be more blogs, songs, photos, and memories to come as I fail, learn, lead, and grow through this next chapter of my life.


Nothin' but love,



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