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Dec 23, 2012

"The 1st Fall" - One I will never forget

Have you ever seen a black man on skis?!

skiing 4BAAAAAAAM!!!

Now you have! (doing "the wedge" pose)

A couple of weeks ago I was able to check something off of my "bucket list". Skiing!!! I can't tell you how nice it was to get away and spend some time with people I love. Man, I love the mountains. It's just so beautiful. There were many memories made on this trip, but the memory that I"ll forever remember is "The Fall."

I'll admit, this was the most painful but funniest, (after the fact) fall I've ever been a part of. My friends Jon (The Teacher) and D. (The Assistant) witnessed it all. So let me tell you all about it.....

We head to the intro level of the "bunny slope" and Jon begins my lesson. I learn how to stop, wedge, and maneuver left and right. After doing this a few times, we all begin to feel good about my skills, lol. Jon decides to take me down the entire slope and coach me along the way. "Left, right, left, now right" is what I hear as we go. I think to myself, "I'm skiing!!". Then we reach a much steeper slope...ok, it probably wasn't a super steep slope, but it definitely the steepest decline yet!  I see it, and think, uh...this could be bad. But hey, why not? Let's face the fear and roll with it!

Low and behold, I start off feeling pretty good......right turn, left turn, right turn, left turn. All of a sudden that left turn got a little tricky and I start to pick up speed. I would love to say that I mastered that left turn, but before I knew it things got a little out of control. My skis hit each other, and off I went.... actually, everything went, skiis and all...

Body flying through the air...(think of superman)
Poles going in every direction.
One ski goes to the left.
One ski flies to the right.

And I land flat on my chest, hitting the ice hard enough to bounce once, well, maybe twice. Dang, that hurt!! As I laid there, wind knocked out of me, my body hurting, I hear from a distance....

"DUDE THAT WAS AWESOME!!!" and then laughter! "The Teacher" and "The Assistant" were at each end of the hill laughing at me! The screaming and laughing finally went to concern as they realized that I wasn't getting up. They headed my way, asked if I was ok, and like an "experienced" skier, I gave the thumbs up. 

After going on a quick scavenger hunt for my skis and pole, they coached me on how to get them back on, and I was off again. 

All that to say, we had a great time!! This will be a story that I won't forget and those two will always remember!

Merry Christmas to you and yours. 

Nothin' but love,





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